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Total supplier of nutrition, care & housing for laboratory animals

Carfil Quality has been a supplier of nutrition, care and housing for laboratory animals to the life science sector and biomedical research centres for 35 years.

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We deliver high-quality nutrition, special diets and Solid Drink® for laboratory animals according to the strictest food quality controls. 

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Our bedding products meet the requirements of each species. Bedding on the basis of wood, corn cob or cellulose. Radiated or non-radiated.

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Environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is essential for the welfare of the animals. Carfil offers several environmental enrichment products for rodents, dogs, pigs and primates. For single or repeated use.

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SPF rabbits

For biomedical research you can rely on us for specific pathogen-free rabbits (SPF), and advice about nutrition and care.

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Discover the most complete range of housing for laboratory animals. From cages to racks, drinking systems and other accessories. In polycarbonate, polysulfone and more.

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Laboratory equipment

Our functional appliances and laboratory animal equipment meet the strictest standards for the animal unit. From bedding dump to autoclave and equipment for procedures. 

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We guarantee optimal service and the best quality for research and laboratory animal equipment. Our products meet all legal requirements: ISO 9001 and GMP directives. 

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We will help you find the most cost-efficient solution. Looking for used laboratory animal equipment? 

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